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Fit, Firm & Fabulous at 40+

We believe that life after 40 should be the best time of our lives. A time when we reach our peak physically, emotionally and mentally, and not a time for looking back at your life and wondering where all the time went.

It doesn’t matter how fit we were or were not at 20, we’re very different people at, and after, 40. We just need to understand our bodies and approach things in a slightly different way that is more in tune with where we are in life today.

We can show you how to take charge of your health, no matter what your shape, size, or ability. Growing older doesn’t have to diminish your fitness level. We can show you how to eat right, how to get and stay in shape, how to remain healthy, and all whilst avoiding injury.

Regardless of whether you are in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s, you can achieve the energy and vigour of someone half your age, and look and feel more comfortable and confident in your body than ever before.

After all, life begins at 40