Reasons to detoxify your body

Top 12 Reasons to Detoxify Your Body to Achieve Greater Health

There are many reasons to detoxify your body on a regular basis, as it allows us to rid the body of the toxins. These accumulate due to the unhealthy food we eat, our lifestyle, and those we get from the environment around us.

Toxins that we are subjected to on a daily basis can be split into two main areas:

External Toxins: These are toxins that we get from the environment around us and come from outside of our body. Examples of environmental toxins include carbon monoxide and pesticides, etc.

Internal Toxins: These are metabolic toxins that are from inside the body. Examples are those derived from what we eat, which ends up in our blood and cells through the digestive process.

As time goes by, these toxins accumulate and prevent the body working as effectively as it should. Signs include tiredness, spots, bad breath, digestive issues (constipation), and excessive weight gain.

By following a good detox program all is not lost. Some of the amazing benefits you can expect are as follows:

Top 12 Reasons to Detoxify Your Body

1. Energy Boost

Do you remember the seemingly limitless energy you had as a kid? Well there is no reason why you shouldn’t get some of that back again. One of the greatest benefits of detoxing to flush the toxins out of your body is the increased energy level you will experience. This will leave you feeling more energetic and lively.

While you detox, the influx of harmful sugars, hydrogenated oils, fatty foods, and dangerous energy drinks, stops. These are replaced with water, vegetables, and fresh fruits instead. This will result in a natural energy boost, but one that isn’t followed by a resultant crash. Imagine waking up feeling full of energy and enthusiastic about the day ahead, without any more mid afternoon drowsiness. You may even start looking forward to doing new things rather than crashing on the sofa in the evening.

2. Greater Mental Clarity

A detox not only benefits your body, as there is a direct connection between digestive and cognitive health too.  People who detox regularly notice the mind becoming clearer, reporting that they lose that feeling of ‘fogginess’. This makes a lot of sense as the foods that affect the body, can also affect the brain.

Once you cut out sugar and fat laden foods, your thinking will become clearer. This will give you a greater ability to focus and pay attention to detail.

3. Improved Immune System

You may be experiencing a number of minor health issues that can be caused by a build up of toxins within the body. If you are constantly getting one cold after another, or go down with the flu every year, then this may well be due to an inefficient immune system being unable to fight of the infections.

A good detox program will help strengthen your immune system and keep minor ailments at bay. Once your body is functioning as it should, your organs will be clear of toxins and that enables vital nutrients to be absorbed into the body more effectively.

Vitamin C is one such nutrient that has been shown to improve the immune system helping your body fight of disease and infection. Due to the increased amounts of fruit and vegetables you will be consuming, your immune system will be able to get back to doing the job it’s supposed to. You will recover faster from illness and get far fewer colds, etc.

4. Faster Weight Loss

If you look at a detox diet as a way to establish better longer-term eating habits, then a detox can significantly increase the success of a weight loss program. Toxins within the body impede the body’s natural ability to burn fat making it much harder to lose weight, often actually resulting in weight gain.

A detox diet cuts out the bad foods responsible for weight gain, replacing them with healthy easily digestible foods. When coupled with a greater ability to burn fat, it is easy to see why weight loss can be significantly increased following a good detox plan.

5. Anti-Aging Benefits

A typical Western diet is packed with fats and sugars. These stay in our bodies for a long time and are one of the major causes aging due to the fact that they introduce a great number of free radicals into our system. Free radicals are devastating to our health generally and to the aging process.

A detox diet full of fruit and vegetables will provide the body with large amounts of antioxidants that help combat the free radicals and stop the damage they cause. As a result, the body will be healthier as a whole and the ageing process will be slowed down.

6. Improved Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. So it is not surprising that it shows some of the greatest damage caused by toxins from the environment and from the food we eat. However, as the largest organ, our skin is a part of the body that receives the greatest benefit from a detox.

A detox will result in clearer skin, fewer spots and blemishes. It will even result in your skin taking on a more healthy looking glow! Be aware though that many toxins will be flushed out via the pores in the skin. As a result, it is not uncommon for spots to be more frequent, or for patches of skin to become itchy and red during the detox process. However, these are good signs that toxins are being removed from your body before you are left with healthy vibrant skin that looks great.

7. Reduced Food Cravings

It is said that sugar is nearly 8 times more addictive than cocaine. So it’s no wonder that many people crave sweet foods, and also why many people can feel side effects of cutting out sugar. These can include headaches and feelings of lethargy.

Stick with it though. Once you get through the withdrawals, your body will feel much better as you progress through your detox diet. When you replace sweet and fatty foods with fruits and vegetables, a lighter healthier feeling will come over you. Your energy will increase and you’ll start to wonder why you ever poisoned yourself with sugar in the first place.

8. Better Digestive Health

One of the main reasons to detoxify your body, is to enable your body to get rid of excess stored waste. The aim is to get the body to purge itself of toxins. In doing your liver and kidney function will improve. This is crucial as they are responsible for processing foods, allowing the body to better absorb both vitamins and nutrients from what we eat.

The increase in fibre, from eating more fruit and vegetables, will also help eliminate waste from the body. A diet rich in soluble fibre is key to a healthy and more efficient digestive system.  This in turn leads to a more effective system to remove waste. Many modern diseases are thought to be caused by an inefficient digestive system in the first place. Particularly as it is the cause of waste being stored in the body and not removed effectively.

9. Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

A detox regime may only be for a relatively short period of time. The impact on your lifestyle, however, can last forever. Think of a detox as a great kick-start to a healthier you.

Starting a healthier way of eating, will rid your body of toxins, and any sugar, fat and caffeine addictions. It will go a long way to helping you make healthier choices for the rest of your life. The benefits are many too. Waking up each day with a renewed level of energy that you may not have experienced for many years. It is, therefore, not difficult to see why a structured detox program could be the start of a whole new happy and motivated healthy lifestyle.

10. Better Breath

A knock on effect of a digestive system that is functioning properly is a natural improvement in your breath. There is a clear link between an inefficient and clogged up colon and bad breath. So as the detox sorts out your colon, so too does it benefit your breath.

11. Healthier Hair and Nails

We mentioned earlier that you will see a marked improvement in your complexion due to undertaking a detox. The increased consumption of vitamins and nutrients from the food you eat during a detox affects your hair and nails too. It is likely that your hair will take on a more shiny appearance. It will be stronger, won’t break as easily, and may even feel softer to the touch. Your nails will also be stronger and look in much better overall condition. The only downside – they will both grow faster so may need cutting more often. A small price to pay for an overall healthy appearance.

12. Restores the body’s sense of well-being

Let’s not kid ourselves; a detox takes quite a lot of hard work, dedication and a positive attitude if it is to work successfully. This is hardly surprising as our body is made up of a complex group of systems all working together to achieve optimal health.

Detoxing is a great way to bring about a change in your lifestyle, get rid of harmful toxins, and bring a balance back to your body. A detox will make you feel good, like you have a brand new body! It is also quite likely that you may also notice a significant improvement in your daily moods too.


Regardless of the reasons to detoxify your body. Whether you want to lose weight or lower stress, a detox is just the start. It is even more important to ensure you can stick to the changes you’ve made long after the detox program ends.

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There are many reasons to detoxify your body on a regular basis, as it allows us to rid the body of the toxins. These accumulate due to the unhealthy food we eat, our lifestyle, and those we get from the environment around us. But by following a good detox program all is not lost.